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Could You Wear the Same Clothes for 46 Days?

Unbound Apparel, a Canadian based clothing company have developed a travel clothes they say will not smell… even when worn every day for over a month. Their line of garments is made with merino wool, an odour-resistant and anti-bacterial fabric. Their products were tested over 46 days of constant wear. In addition to cutting down on your laundry, their innovation claims to drastically reduce the amount of clothing you need to pack when travelling.

As part of their no-wash clothing line, Unbound Apparel has developed a t-shirt, as well as underwear and socks made with merino. The benefit of using merino is that rather than trapping moisture, merino allows moisture to pass through the material, keeping the wearer dry and presumably, odour-free.

The designers say they’ve tested their designs to the extreme, including putting the prototype through 46 days of continuous wear. During that time, they wore it to the gym, the sauna, bed and even travelled to China and Thailand in temperatures up to 40 degrees Celcius. They say that even at the end of that, the T-shirt remained odour-free.

To date, merino has been primarily used in typically expensive outdoor wear and sweaters. The founder of Unbound Apparel, Dan Demsky, however saw the potential of designing with merino for more every day items of clothing for every day use, with no middle-man retailer involved.

Along with his friends Andrew Cariboni and Dima Zelikman, Demsky produced some Merino protytpes and launched a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo, with the aim of raising $30,000 (USD). The have so far exceeded in raising more then $185,000, so there is a clear interest in potential for this material and its promise of dramatically cutting down the baggage while travelling!