Wearing collagen as a second skin

US luxury technical sportswear company Buki introduces a basic women’s wear clothing collection that is infused with collagen.

Collagen is a main component in connective tissue in humans and other mammals and can be found in anything from bones to skin. It’s probably best known for its use in plastic surgery and beauty products to fill out wrinkles and give the skin a protective layer.

Buki’s collagen collection consists of a technical fabric made with collagen-embedded fibres. According to the company, the fabric is extremely soft. It relays moisture to your skin, making it softer and better hydrated. In addition, it protects if from the sun’s UV rays (UPF-50), and acts as a natural deodoriser.

Like the other performance fabrics, the collagen textile “is powered by Kinoki-3.0”, technology developed by Buki. The technology makes the fabrics thermoregulating, anti-pill, quick-dry, stretchy, easy maintenance, and able to transport moisture away from the body. The fabrics look like they’re woven, but are in fact knitted.

The fabric can be washed and put in the dryer without losing its effect. In fact, washing re-activates the collagen fabric fibres.

The limited edition women’s collection consists of various shirts, ranging from a hoodie to a V-neck, a scarf and a pillow cover. All items are only available in black.

Photos: Buki