When buildings start to twitter…

What happens when buildings and smart materials are integrated? For a start, media facades. Thomas Schielke is working on this development. We can all use a glowing embrace to warm us during these cold months. Materials can offer us some warmth, in the form of insulation, reflection and conduction, of course. To keep our spirits high, pleasant light is essential. What does light do to us, and how can we employ it effectively in our built environment?

We can learn a thing or two from Thomas Schielke, an architect with ERCO who has lectured extensively on the subject. His talks deal particularly with the combination of light and various materials. A link to one of his lectures is at the end of the article. Talking about the effects of light on different materials, from wood and stone to glass and metal, Thomas introduces a cross-over between natural light and technology. Using examples of the latest technologies, he then bridges the gap towards culture, showing us what light can do within the built environment. Some of the newest applications are media facades, which allow buildings to communicate with their users. Demonstrating different materials, some of which have luminescent qualities, he shows in detail how the effects of lighting can influence the environment, and the way we perceive it.

Thomas Schielke will give a lecture at the Material Xperience during the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht next February. Please check back here for details, which will be posted soon! Watch a similar lecture here.