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Wobble-up: Foldable Carpet Becomes Modern Chair

Designed by Sam Linders, ‘Wobble-Up’ floor tiles can be transformed into 3 dimensional, ‘wobbling’ sitting spots for modern, adaptable living.

These foldable floor tiles are made of mechanically punched plastic that is embroidered with jersey yarn for a tactile feeling. Once folded into the desired 3-dimensional seating shape, the tiles are connected and held in place with velcro. The velcro also connects the tiles when they are laid flat as a carpet.

Sam Linders came up with the idea for Wobble-up because of her preference for sitting in front of the couch on the floor rather than on the couch while watching TV. In addition to satisfying the feeling of sitting on a warm carpet, Wobble-up also provides a smart, multi-functional furnishing concept that can take the form of a totally flat carpet or the be folded into her concept also provides smart, multi-functional furniture pieces that can operate as totally flat carpet – or be folded into a modern chair on the floor. Linders explains that when you have company, for example, you can easily and quickly fold a Wobble-up carpeted floor into a series of seating options.

Wobble-up can be endlessly multiplied into different mosaic tile formats, making it possible for the consumer to play with endless patterns, colours – and furnishing concepts!