Wonderful Reinvention of Abandonded Household Materials

Each year, the approximately 135,000 deaths, 32,236 divorces, 10,000 bankruptcies and thousands of cases of hospitalisation that occur in the Netherlands alone leave many household items homeless. If heirs or dealers have no interest in the items, they end up in the local dump.

Joost Gehem however sees opportunity in these unwanted household items in the form of raw materials. His Transformation and Distribution Centre for Abandoned Household Items grinds down left over furniture and then, using an old East German paper press, transforms the ground pieces into into totally new items of furniture with completely new shapes, looks and functions.

Recently, Gehem moved to a new workshop where he is developing new techniques to make his re-invented furniture products not only cheaper to produce but also more varied in form. The new techniques he is working involve making sheets with a variety of shredded household materials and items. The first sheets have been produced and offer limitless possibilities. New products are to follow soon so watch this space.