Wooden Dragonfly Pavilion inspired by dragonfly wings

For those of you who like wordplay, the word pavilion is Latin for butterfly. Both this insect and the dragonfly served as inspiration for a wooden and aluminium pavilion designed by New York based CDR Studio Architects, which was dubbed the Dragonfly Pavilion.

The pavilion, located in Hoboken, New Jersey, is built from sustainably harvested and FSC-certified Sapele mahogany and recycled aluminium. The exterior of the garden shed consists of a complex pattern, which was taken from the wings of butterflies and dragonflies.

Prefabricated by SITU Fabrication, the Dragonfly Pavilion consists of a frame made from recycled aluminium clad with Sapele lumber. Glass covers the roof, broken up by a gradient of complex geometric shapes that resembles the delicate dragonfly wing. The assembly onsite took less than a week.

The wing-like pattern was created through a computer-generated algorithm. On the interior of the mahogany cells mosquito netting is installed, in a slightly ironic way keeping insects out of the pavilion.

Photos: John Muggenborg (via Inhabitat)