Wooden sunglasses

If you live in one of the world’s larger cities, you’ve probably seen people wearing hit/retro wooden sunglasses. That is, sunglasses with a wooden rim. They’re fashionably pricey and just off-beat enough to be popular.

Now, a new design for sunglasses that are made entirely out of wood is available, and these shades really stand out from the crowd.

With a radically different approach to designing eye-wear, Dutch brand Qoowl has launched a line of men’s and women’s sunglasses made from laser-cut plywood.

The principle is simple. The shades are made of lightweight wooden sheets that have holes etched away to allow sight. As the wood is just deep enough to appear thick from close by, it keeps most annoying sunlight out of the user’s eyes.

As the designers state, these shades won’t protect against UV light – there’s no actual solar protection besides the shade provided by the plywood. But perhaps that’s the point here: it’s a completely new take on the idea of sun protection, and carried out in wood too. One advantage: the shades weigh just 14 grams.

There’s a good reason to use plywood: it’s light, easy to laser and, as can be seen from the photos, even allows bending the frame for a snug fit. This also allows the shades to come in a neat, flat-pack box. The plywood is sanded after lasering to ensure a comfortable finish. As a final bonus, the sunglasses are large enough to fit over prescription glasses too.


More on the ShadE glasses is here.

Images and info via the designers, Qoowl.