Woody Collection extends the limit of wood’s curvature

Designer Philippe Starck designed a collection of chairs called Woody, demonstrating the possibilities of wood combined with plastic. The wood is machined with a mould that can extend the limit of curvature of the panel, thanks to a special patent.

The collection, designed for Kartell, consists of three different chairs and a footstool. The wood is machined with a mould that extends the limit of curvature, creating a frame with sinuous curves. The base and legs are made from plastic.

The chairs are available in woods like ash, olive ash and striped rosewood. The seats come in plastic, leather or upholstery.

“Woody answers a desire and also a need for wood,” Starck says. “This collection is not a fantasy because it is based on the basic human need to be surrounded with signs reminding nature and predicting the future. After more than 30 years of research, we have finally created wooden seats that really express, thanks to the alliance with plastic, the true essence of wood.”

The Woody collection was on display during the Milan Design Week 2018.

Photos: Kartell / Starck