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The world’s first laminated bamboo bicycle

Veltra is a sustainable, lightweight bicycle handcrafted in Romania and made of laminated bamboo, said to be the first in the world.

Most metal bicycles have to go through chemical processes and special welds, a process that is not very environmentally friendly and makes the bikes hard to recycle. Additionally, they are often quite heavy.

The Veltra project started with the aim to develop a more sustainable bicycle. Made of bamboo, this material was not chosen by accident. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, making it very sustainable, and it has a high strength to weight ratio. Plus, the material is a natural shock absorber, resulting in a vibration-dampening bike.

The Veltra bike has successfully passed the safety requirements for bicycles by obtaining the most prestigious certificate in the bike industry, ISO 4210. This procedure outlines a process for testing the fatigue strength of components, built on three pillars: fatigue (caused by recurring loads), overloading, and impacts.

Photos: Adrian Ianculescu