The world’s first sneakers made from stone

Shoes made from stone may sound uncomfortable and something the Flintstones might wear. However, thanks to innovative technology, it is possible to transform ordinary stone into a flexible and paper-thin material. German companies Roxxlyn and Nat-2 decided to work together and use this material to create the world’s first sneakers made from natural stone!

When we think about stone, we think about hard and sturdy material, rather than something flexible. However, Roxxlyn, an expert in creating ultra-light design pieces from stone, developed a technology to use stone to make all kinds of accessories and design pieces, from phone cases to belts, and now sneakers.

The process begins with slicing real stone into thin layers. When these have been extracted, they are flexible and smooth. The pieces are then machined into shape using diamond tools. The layer is engraved on the top surface using a high performance laser. The now created piece is sanded and cleaned from dust and grime by hand. Through a complicated technology, stone slates are made flexible.

Nat-2 is an innovator in the field of footwear, having already made shoes made from, for instance, wood (no, not clogs). The collaboration with Roxxlyn resulted in luxurious sneakers, made by hand at a small family-run manufacturer in Italy. In addition to the real stone, the footwear consists of leather, reflecting glass, and rubber soles.

The sneaker collection, for men and women, will be released in March this year.

Photos: Roxxlyn / Nat-2