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The writing (and erasing) on the wall

Scribit, designed by Carlo Ratti Associati, is the world’s first write and erase robot on any wall, no matter the material.

Created by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor Carlo Ratti, Scribit (Latin for ‘s/he writes’) was unveiled during Salone del Mobile in 2018 and has won various design awards, like Red Dot. The robot can be installed within a few minutes. The only things needed are a Wi-Fi connection, two nails and a power plug.

It works on a two-axis plane, moving up and down two wires hanging off a vertical wall. The robot offers room for four markers at the time, and eight colours are provided. Scribit is said to be able to draw on any vertical surface, whether it is whiteboard, glass, or standard plaster – and also erase the drawings again.

On the occasion of Valentine’s day, artist eL Seed unveiled a new drawing developed through Scribit. eL Seed fused Arabic lettering and graffiti “to spread a universal message of love that overcomes language barriers, borders and stereotypes.” The drawing started with the Arabic translation of French writer Stendhal’s famous quote “L’amour est le miracle de la civilisation”, blending the historic tradition of Arabic calligraphy with modern graffiti.

Photos: Scribit