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Indonesia’s first zero waste restaurant is built with recycled materials

Ijen, designed by Indonesian lifestyle brand Potato Head Family, is Indonesia’s first restaurant to have adopted the zero waste philosophy, and was built using recycled materials.

The restaurant is an open-air environment, located inside Potato Head Beach Club. The terrazzo-style dining room is made from a mix of cement, broken plates and chipped drinking glasses.

The menus are printed on sustainably harvested paper bounds. Additionally, there are boards made from recycled truck tires, provided by local flip-flop brand Indosole. The furniture is made from motorcycle foam offcuts and ethically sourced Mersawa wood.

The tables are decorated with glass candle holders made from cut-off wine bottles, inside of which is used cooking oil from the own kitchen. The napkins are made from leftover fabric and tinted using natural dye.

The menu ranges from sustainable seafood to conscious cocktails, often made in-house with by-product ingredients.

Photos: Potato Head