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It is Acoustic Trend’s ambition to become the best suppliers for clients in retail and utility construction. Your assignment provides the key to that position. You want an architecture or industrial product that meets your wishes and expectations.

Acoustic Trend has developed a process to achieve a delivery according to your specifications, within the budget and within an agreed schedule.

Acoustic Trend sets standards in quality not only in the Netherlands. Their attention to detail is also appreciated outside the borders. Acoustic Trend likes to work enthusiastically and enthusiastically with motivated clients, builders and critical architects. With material knowledge and technology, Acoustic Trend makes a significant contribution to the process and the result.

Acoustic Trend’s wood-veneer assortment currently consists of 5 products: Grill, Linear, Topline, Ceiling and Wall panels, Mini micro panels, 3D panels and other Acoustic solutions.

Acoustic Trend also relieves in the field of product processing. Customer-oriented customization. Whether it concerns sawing, milling, drilling, grounding or pressing: we arrange it for you. Accuracy and fast delivery are guaranteed with an extensive machine park with CNC-controlled woodworking machines.

Product processing options:

  • Sawing
  • CNC milling / drilling
  • Milling edges of plates into profiles, lips, slots, faceting and rounding
  • Edge banding
  • Veneer / HPL pressing
  • Grounding
  • Lacquering / Staining

Acoustic Trend produces individual parts and semi-finished products, but also complete end products including assembly. Their machines are suitable for machining solid wood and board material, for 2D / 3D milling, 2D / 3D sawing and 2D / 3D drilling. With this Acoustic Trend can realize all your wishes.

The company stands for short and direct communication, flexibility, efficiency and quality. On their website Acoustic Trend would like to introduce you to our production options, products and services.