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Amorim Cork Composites researches, develops, and manufactures sustainable and high-performance cork composites solutions for applications in multiple industries such as aerospace, panels and composites, automotive, seals and gaskets, construction, sports surfaces, flooring, consumer goods, furnishing and footwear. They belong to Corticeira Amorim, a pioneer and leader in the cork industry ever since the 19th century and which today is one of Portugal’s largest industrial groups. The industry core raw material is 100 percent natural, which allow us to promote a circular, sustainable economy at all stages of the industrial process. The constant need to develop new applications with cork has led us to develop new molding, lamination, and machining techniques. This gives the home, office, and leisure goods industries the possibility to use cork in different types of shapes and takes full advantages of its great strength and flexibility.

Amorim Cork Composites’ mission: to value cork, designing sustainable composite solutions for multiple applications.