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Amphibio is a transdisciplinary team of designers, engineers and scientists, purpose built to create radical material solutions to tackle the climate crisis. Brought together by a passion for sustainable design, they deliver nature-inspired innovations with an aim to mitigate pre and post-consumer waste ending life in landfill or incineration whilst empowering consumers to reduce their carbon footprints.

In 2018 Jun Kamei, now founder and CEO, completed a joint MA/MSc in Innovation Design Engineering at the RCA and Imperial College London. As part of the Masters’ programme, Jun created Amphigill, a wearable artificial gill to support human life underwater in reaction to rising sea levels. To commercialise the unique hydrophobic and breathable material innovation that enabled the gill to function, Amphibio’s primary product Amphitex was created. Inspired by the structural hydrophobic nature of lotus leaves, Amphitex is a coating-free and recyclable waterproof and breathable textile (WBT) that challenges the waterproof clothing market’s reliance on non-recyclable layers of different polymers and harmful PFC-based coatings for water repellency. Amphibio was born out of necessity to deliver this solution to an industry crying out for alternative options that deliver on both sustainability and performance, desperate to meet the needs of eco-conscious outdoor consumers and stay in line with new anti-PFC regulations.

Amphibio’s secondary project, Amphigil, remains ongoing to bring artificial gill technology to the diving market. As both innovations rely on the same source material, both investigations and applications are not mutually exclusive and exist symbiotically within Amphibio.