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Arctic Biomaterials Oy (ABM)

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Arctic Biomaterials is a company offering sustainable bio-based plastic raw materials made from renewable resources as alternatives for oil based plastics.

The company is based in Finland with additional production sites in Asia. The ABM business is divided into two business areas: Medical and Technical.

The technology that ABM offers is reinforcing today’s bioplastics with biodegradable glass fibre. This enhances the properties so that biobased composite materials can be used in demanding applications. Temperature resistance can be increased up to 160 C.

Secondly, ABM uses its extensive biomaterials and chemistry knowledge to make compounds that meet customer needs and can replace PP, BAS, POM, SAN etc. ABM works with all biopolymers including PLA, PBS, PHB

The composite materials are made with LFT (longfibre pultrusion), giving ABM the possibility to modify the fibre length according to customer needs. ABM has certified these composite materials with the DinCerto Seedling mark.

Main applications are in the injection moulding are, but also extrusion materials are available. Application areas are furniture, houseware, consumer electronics, automotive areas.

The goal of ABM is to help its customers reduce the carbon footprint of their products.

ABM is your partner in biobased and/or biodegradable plastics!