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Beton-lab specializes in aesthetic concrete. They push the boundaries of the material and constantly develop new ways to shape concrete in an exceptional way. In addition, Beton-Lab invests a lot of time in research into making concrete more sustainable. This way they can work with guilt-free concrete; a cement-free concrete with a CO2 reduction of 80%. Thanks to their expertise in concrete and design, Beton-Lab controls the process from idea to implementation. In this way they offer their customers flexibility and they can advise them in every step of the process. They expect themselves and their work to always be innovative and surprising. Beton-Lab does this, for example, by playing with expectations; concrete is rough and coarse on its own, but their designs and finishes is refined and bold. What you give your attention to, grows. By really paying attention to the material they are able to deliver unique and durable products and exceed the expectations of their customers.

Their designs focus on in and outdoor design applications, such as chairs, lighting, concrete art and wall cladding. Depending the design and application Beton-Lab designs concrete mixtures with regular, recycled and even cement free concrete, to make the best of the world within their possibilities.

Profit from their research and innovation by taking up one of their designs or bring something new to the table that needs their prying eyes and hands to experiment, design and create!