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Biohm is a multi-award-winning research and development led company that allows nature to lead innovation to revolutionise the construction industry and create a regenerative built environment.

Placing biological systems at the heart of their inspiration (biomimetics), Biohm combines the philosophies of the Circular Economy and HumanCentred Design with future-tech to create a stepchange in building technologies, materials and manufacturing methods.

Biohm is internationally regarded as a leader in the field of bio-based materials and the bio-economy. They work in symbiosis with industry, local and national government, community and academia to lead the construction sector towards a circular future that is inspired by nature and driven by human, environmental and economic needs.

Biohm is driven by a continuous stream of interdisciplinary, novel and intellectual property rich research through which they also offer a range of services to industry.

Biohm believes that at a time of climate crisis, radical change is needed, requiring systemic innovation on a large scale to redress the multifaceted issues interwoven within our economies that have led us to where we are now.

If we are to venture beyond merely reducing our impact on the planet and our health, contemporary approaches to waste management, manufacturing and building must undergo a step-change towards having a positive and regenerative impact.

Biohm’s goal is not only to build a successful company, but moreover, to improve the quality of people’s lives through enabling the use of healthy, environmentally friendly, circular materials and building solutions for applications across the design and construction industries, eliminating the concept of waste and demonstrating how business can equitably and ethically work in collaboration with the natural world, industry, academia, government and community.