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CEWOOD is a company from Northern Europe – Latvia – that produces sustainable and 100% natural origin wood wool panels widely used around the globe. CEWOOD panels are the main choice for ceiling and wall decorative finishes for private and public spaces, educational buildings, sports facilities, offices, and any space where creative and acoustic solutions are necessary.

As a company deeply rooted in the values of environmental stewardship and human connection, CEWOOD strives to bring the comfort and harmony of nature into your living space and interior design. Our company cherishes the beauty of nature and strives to embody its essence in everything around it. Therefore, CEWOOD panels contain only 100% natural, high-quality components that are sourced in an environmentally friendly way and that are manufactured with utmost respect for nature. The panels are made of certified timber using green energy. Acoustic panels and design tiles are effective noise absorbers that improve acoustics, comfort, and overall indoor climate and air. Firesafe, moisture resistant, extremely durable, and strikingly beautiful.

CEWOOD operates on a global scale, providing panels all over the world, starting from Scandinavian countries to the USA and the Middle East. Every finished project is a true masterpiece where acoustic solutions and personal well-being meet elegant and inspiring interior design creations.

As CEWOOD panels and design tiles bring warmth and beauty to spaces, the company culture echoes in the same sense of harmony and care. True success blossoms from a collective journey toward a shared vision. In essence, CEWOOD is not a story about products, but about clients and their needs. We are not just a manufacturer of wood wool panels; we are guardians of well-being, champions of sustainability, ambassadors of comfort, and advocates for a harmonious coexistence with nature. CEWOOD innovates, inspires, and crafts a better world, one wood panel at a time.