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Denimtex represents circular wall finishes made of recycled textiles and biobased binders. Denimtex is best known for ‘’Jeans on the wall’’. Denimtex manufactures waste textiles into high-quality products with unique properties. Their products are insulating, moisture-regulating, fire retardant and sound absorbing.

Denimtex wants to leave a better world for future generations by saving waste textiles from the incinerator. The clothing industry currently emits more CO2 than international aviation and sea transport combined. Due to the fast fashion industry, the demand for cheap clothing is growing and growing, which also increases the environmental impact of jeans for example.

Denimtex believes that this should be done differently and want to make a change with reducing CO2 emissions by offering wall finishes from jeans and other types of waste textiles to expend their lifespan.

Their vision is: creating a better tomorrow is in our jeans.