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Donkersloot draws on a long family history in carpets, allowing to know everything about the product: how it behaves once it is applied, how moisture and temperature interact with it, how materials like glues influence it – in short, things you only know if you’ve manually worked with it. This typical knowledge is (re)combined with design, craftsmanship and new technologies to create products that meet the requirements of tomorrow.

With Donkersloot’s unique collection of carpet tiles, carpet and rugs, they transform every professional interior into a distinctive interior. Their most important tools are craftsmanship, expertise, a great deal of fun and their passion for people and the environment.

Donkersloot believes in innovation, creativity and the circular economy. The company has an eye for important developments in fashion, design, architecture, technology and society. And they translate these effortlessly into textile flooring in the professional interior.

At Donkersloot, they work actively to build a sustainable and circular reality. Keeping resources in circulation for as long as possible, creating value and maintaining it are the general objectives.
They collaborate with industry players to develop and create products they believe in. They challenge their partners to think and act sustainably. In doing so, Donkersloot helps drive innovation and strategic collaboration in the value chain to create circular business potential.

But they also love beautiful things, so they make no concessions regarding design when they combine it with eco-design principles to decrease the environmental footprint of their products. Furthermore, carpet making has a long history of all kinds of techniques, some dating back to medieval times. In trying to meet increased sustainability requirements, Donkersloot re-explores the rich and broad spectrum of carpet making and combines craftsmanship with new technologies and materials. This way, they prevent unnecessary re-inventing proven wheels and contribute to accelerating the transition to a sustainable circular economy.

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