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Foreco is an innovative and professional company in the field of timber products with a history of over 30 years. The company has worldwide procurement activities complemented with production and sales operations in the Netherlands.

The company is leading as an early adaptor with wood protection and sustainable development. Within several national and international innovation networks the company has managed to make a significant contribution to the development of award-winning new technologies for wood protection and wood modification.

In close cooperation with several organizations the company has managed to develop sophisticated production facilities and sustainable technologies that are state of the art for high-tech timber protection companies. The success of the company is built on integrating technology, driving innovation and cooperation within the timber industry.

Foreco employs approximately 100 people spread over three different sections: timber-trade and production, timber-constructions and playgrounds. In Dalfsen the company holds a stock of over 15.000m3 with a wide range of timber species at a terrain of 60.000 m2. With IJreka Playgrounds we offer professional, sustainable and innovative products and solutions for recreational areas and playgrounds.

Our timber-constructions company Foreco Timber Constructions in Noordeloos is specialized in assembling and placement of timber products and prefab components in renovation and building projects. With professional and innovative planning and production methods it holds a strong reputation as a reliable and flexible partner.

Among our clients are large building companies, water boards, municipalities, schools, recreation enterprises, and many private companies and consumers in Europe. Focusing on quality and sustainable relations with our partners Foreco is able to expand the opportunities of timber as a durable, safe and attractive building material.