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Greenful is a European manufacturer of construction materials made 100% from recycled textile, plastic and used tire waste. They are dedicated to the innovation of new recycling technologies to reduce the level of waste in the global environment.

Greenful’s mission is to

  • innovate new products made from recycled waste that customers want and can be sold in high volumes
  • thereby significantly reducing the level of waste in the environment
  • while building a profitable, global business good for employees, partners and investors

Greenful’s vision is to recycle over 15% of the textile waste in Europe within 7 years and impact global waste levels on a long term basis

Greenful products are the only construction materials made 100% from recycled waste and outperform existing materials in strength, durability and CO2 footprint.

Greenful is a company driven by R&D and innovation

  • The current 3 products are just the beginning,
  • The mission is to innovate working with local universities and research institutes in each market Greenful operates in.
  • Greenful is expanding its own R&D center with the purpose of developing new waste recycling technologies

Greenful is launching 10 factories across Europe by 2027 that will produce over 1.3 million cubic meters of panel per year, using 500,000 tons of textile and 200,000 tons of plastic waste. The long term plan is to build 40 factories across Europe and enter the US, Asia and Middle East markets. Greenful’s mission is to have a significant impact on the level of waste on a global basis through the application of innovative recycling technologies. They welcome all interested individuals who share their goals and vision to contact them.