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The mission of Hollands Wol Collectief (‘Dutch Wool Collective’) is to rebuild the wool supply chain in the Netherlands by matching the wide variety of wool available with the growing demand for biobased materials. Hollands Wol Collectief facilitates the production processes from the purchase of raw wool to the production of woollen semi-finished products like felt. They set up long lasting partnerships with designers and manufacturers with whom they market the final high-quality products in the interior branch. Unique in their approach is that they start from the feedstock and the associated supply chain: every type of wool has an ideal application and no wool is wasted.

With their new wool supply chain Hollands Wol Collectief contributes to the circular economy: wool is a beautiful biobased material that can circulate in our economy until at the end of its life it can be used as fertiliser, restarting the biological cycle. Building this new economy requires partners. From the start Hollands Wol Collectief built a network of suppliers, farmers, wool experts, manufacturers, ecologists, ambassadors and many more. Join them to bring the circular economy into practice!