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IDI (Institute for Business Innovation of the Balearic Islands) is a public entity that depends on the Government of the Balearic Islands. The IDI, among its objectives, works for the development of economic and business activity in the Balearic Islands, with criteria of sustainability, territorial and sectorial rebalancing. The IDI carries out projects such as LOOP DISSENY I CIRCULARITAT, which promotes the implementation of design and circular economy as strategic elements for the competitiveness of companies.

From their experience, from the interaction with small producers, IDI observes how the sum of small initiatives can transform the way we do things and relate to each other, and how these small initiatives, ideas and projects can contribute to great achievements that generate an impact on our environment… this is what led to the creation of LOOP.

This project encourages the use of more sustainable raw materials, innovative materials research and the search for solutions that require more sustainable resources to achieve the same functionality and quality.

LOOP favours the creation of a new generation of products, doing things differently with the same quality and design. Every crisis is an opportunity that can be used to convert a material, a waste or a raw material into a top-quality material.
With the LOOP DISSENY I CIRCULARITAT project, we value the creations that share these values and encourage the participation of multidisciplinary teams to share and generate knowledge, as well as promote connections and synergies between companies to raise awareness of the importance of connecting creativity and circularity.

LOOP is a mixture and union of different disciplines: it is raw material, it is knowledge, it is research, it is design, it is community, it is innovation, it is production, it is industry, it is craftsmanship. LOOP is rethinking the relationship we have with the environment. LOOP showcases the sensitivity of designers, architects, researchers and producers to find ways to integrate constant productive activities while minimising environmental impact.