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Circular building and renovating
The future is circular construction and renovation and the use of biobased building materials. Crops and residual flows from the agricultural and food industry are used for the production of sustainable, natural building and insulation materials. The use of natural materials in construction has been proven to reduce health risks. In addition, it contributes to reduced CO2 emissions and the achievement of the climate targets set for the construction sector.

Climate targets construction sector
In order to meet the European climate targets, approximately 270,000 homes must be insulated sustainably each year in the Netherlands alone until 2042. So there is work to be done. With an extensive range of biobased insulation materials, Isovlas makes sustainable insulation simple and affordable.

A selection from the Isovlas range:

  • Isovlas building insulation for future-proof (post) insulation
  • Isovlas Reno Interieur & TG-elegant for (post-) insulation of the roof from the inside
  • Isovlas Reno Exterior for post-insulation on existing roof decking
  • Isovlas Roof elements for renovation of roofs on existing homes

With high-quality building materials, Isovlas contributes to a future in which sustainable, CO2-neutral and circular construction is central!
Building a positive future with Isovlas.

For yourself and for future generations.