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Do you have a concept or concrete design for a new product? Lampe Eurofelt regularly develops products in collaboration with architects, designers and project designers and ensure the correct choice of materials, treatments and technology. Discover the versatility of wool felt!

Lampe Eurofelt’s passion for wool felt
Lampe Eurofelt’s history goes far back in time and is closely intertwined with the development of the ready-to-wear and textile trade in Germany and the Netherlands. What started in 1875 with the sale of textiles for the local dairy industry from the company Gebroeders Lampe, quickly developed into an importer, confectioner and wholesaler of textiles.

With the wool felt Lampe Eurofelt makes products that create a total experience and activate all senses. In other words, sustainable solutions with felt. From their own production, with passionate craftsmen and high-quality wool felt. From the very first moment they have been charmed by this beautiful natural product due to its appearance and unique properties. Wool felt, for example, is naturally water-repellent and sound-absorbing.

Felt & design: interior styling
From acoustic solutions to interior design at (international) companies, schools or museums. Felt is a very popular material for modern, attractive interior styling.

Industrial felt
The industrial felt is used in the most diverse (production) processes and is used for sealing, insulation, protection and damping, among other things. Designers also like to work with the industrial felt, because of the different thicknesses and density. From felt strips, punched parts to special shapes.