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Lingrove is on a mission to replace carbon-intense timber, metals, and plastics with high-design, superior-performing, carbon-negative products to reverse climate change.

The high-performance composite, Ekoa® – developed from renewable plant fibres and bio-resins – can replace wood in all interior applications – from dashboards to floors, to furniture, and walls – with a cost-effective, carbon-neutral, clean air product that delivers a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel.

Humans love the aesthetically pleasing look of wood. It’s a beautiful material, but supply is dwindling, the cost is skyrocketing, supply chain issues are plaguing manufacturers, and our planet is being harmed by the massive rates of deforestation. At the same time, consumer preference is driving overwhelming demand for sustainable substitutes.

As well, wood has severe performance limitations in many applications: it is expensive to shape or mould; stains easily; requires coverings to manage flammability, and often requires care. Ekoa® solves these problems.

Beautiful, strong, and cost-competitive Ekoa® surfaces, structures, and moulded products will become the default choice and help reduce emissions.