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NedZink is located in the south of the Netherlands and is a passionate player in the market for rolled Titanium Zinc. NedZink is inspired each day by the demand from architects and designers for new creative zinc applications.

NedZink is a stimulator of durable and high quality construction projects with bright-rolled, pre-weathered and textured zinc. As a trading partner NedZink ensures reliable deliveries and has excellent product knowledge, quality and service.

NedZink is also aware of its responsibility with regard to people and the environment. Future-oriented business management and investments in up-to-date production techniques reinforce its market position, and create room for new developments.

NedZink is part of the leading international holding company Koramic Investment Group and has offices in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

NedZink – Think Zink

Zinc for creative applications
As a natural product zinc can be organically combined with other materials. This increases the creative challenge to incorporate this building material in the high quality aura of both traditional- and modern architecture. Taut lines, luxurious roundings, minute details or large gestures: anything is possible with zinc.

Zinc for roof and façade cladding
Zinc is a durable, maintenance free and aesthetic material that in the course of time develops a unique charm by the progressive patina on roof and façade cladding. The patina layer originates by the formation of a zinc carbonate base, which forms an oxide skin that is also a natural protective coating.

By pre-weathering titanium zinc in the production, NedZink obtains already from the beginning a uniform surface, ideally for high quality applications.

NedZink brands are:  NedZink NATUREL, NedZink NOVA, NedZink NOIR, NedZink NOVA STRUCTURE, NedZink NATUREL Pro-Tec, NedZink NOVA Pro-Tec, NedZink NOVA COMPOSITE