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Barrisol Normalu® S.A.S. has been the world leader in stretch ceilings for over 50 years. They have received more than 55 awards in recognition of their ability to innovate and make products that are both attractive and high quality. The noble materials, adaptability to the most daring shapes and quality of the workmanship make it the ideal material, indispensable for creative minds.

“To make the world of tomorrow even more beautiful means we first have to preserve it today.”

The Barrisol® stretch ceiling is 100% recyclable. Protecting and preserving the environment comes naturally to them. This explains the worldwide success of the brand and reinforces the exceptional reputation they have in over 110 countries. All of the many different stretch ceilings systems created by Barrisol® over the course of the last 55 years today form a genuine world: THE WORLD OF BARRISOL®.