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OVDesigns is a globally operating manufacturer and supplier of biobased polymers made from annually renewable or recycled resources. The OVDesigns biobased materials offer a reduced carbon footprint in comparison to many traditional plastics.

Every year we throw away millions of kilograms of used coffee grounds. In The Netherlands, we throw away about 120 million kilograms of used coffee ground, every year. Those numbers are really good it means we are enjoying our coffee very much. However, the trash is creating big problems to the environment. Mostly, this used coffee ground will end on the dump or will be burned with all the other thrash. This should not be necessary, because the coffee ground is really easy to keep separated from other thrash and is a really clean and constant residue.

There are many possibilities to reduce the amount of used coffee ground. At OVDesigns they decided that they should work on a project to solve the ongoing problem of the coffee grounds.

With help from their partners, OVDesigns started their Coffee Polymer programme. This partnership has resulted in the development of the fully biobased Coffee Polymers.

Since they’ve started the project in the fall of 2017, they have been determined to create the best coffee-based polymer available. They started their first test programme with funding from the ‘Nationaal Regieorgaan Praktijkgericht Onderzoek SIA’. This programme resulted in a positive test sample, which motivated them to create a total of three biobased versions of the Coffee Polymer.