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Pro Suber (freely translated from Latin: for cork) aims to offer expanded cork products business to business as well as business to consumer in order to create a market for this 100% biobased material.
Main focus is to grow the position of this renewable resource and promote the expanded cork as a construction material with various properties and functions; such as thermal insulation, acoustic characteristics, antivibration on to tempering heat-stress into buildings and realize more comfort.

Besides the use of the expanded cork as insulation Pro Suber collaborates with a variety of partners to realize a visible use of this Carbon Negative material into design products, roof coverings, design wall claddings and cork facades.

By raising the demand, more cork oaks will be needed in the future. Therefore we are actively increasing the future forests of cork oak. Within the Pro Suber-labeled cork a contribution is stated to help the initiative to plant more cork oaks for the future generations.

The promotion of the 100% expanded cork products is supported by the Pro Suber partners:
Mutrex | The Cork Company