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Can you fall in love with material? For Pyrasied, this is a rhetorical question! They are, in fact, head over heels in love with plastic material. Firstly, because the variety of forms, colours, and light properties of plastic is limitless. This makes plastic the most beautiful material they can imagine.

Pyrasied stands as a wholesale establishment, a fabricator, and an innovator in sustainable acrylics and design plastics. What sets them apart is their aversion to the ordinary. All professionals seeking to incorporate the materials into their concepts or products can readily get in touch. Customized dimensions are also in Pyrasied’s repertoire, for they firmly believe that sustainable materials should be adaptable.

Within Pyrasied’s expansive inventory reside acrylic (plexiglass), polycarbonate (Lexan), and design plastics. They collaborate with clientele spanning diverse industries to ensure the optimal utilization of these materials. Furthermore, they boast a team of highly adept artisans who craft exquisite marvels. Their disposition allows them to embrace calculated risks when a project ignites their belief, and their approach is flexible, drawing from their comprehensive stock, available for orders online and through telephone or email.

Pyrasied’s zeal for its materials propels constant evolution, resulting in the introduction of novel substances into the Dutch and European markets. This fervor is palpable, driving us to shape a dynamic and vibrant landscape of possibilities.