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“RIGO Verffabriek”, which is the official Dutch name for “RIGO Paint Factory” is a Dutch family enterprise since 1938. Back in the eighties, this private company focused on the development and production of water borne PU parquet varnishes and the development of paints based on natural ingredients. At RIGO Paint Factory, its relentless endeavour for the least harmful and preferably natural base raw materials was and is a permanent and intrinsic part of its conduct of business. That’s how they developed half way through the eighties the first water-borne polyurethane parquet varnishes, and 100% vegetable floor oils. They are the sole manufacturer in the Netherlands with their own laboratory and production facilities under one roof.

From PU-varnish to BIO-oil
RIGO Paint Factory’s development of water-borne parquet varnishes in the seventies ran synchronous with the development of natural paints of the Aquamaryn brand. The processor’s health was leading, in combination with the idea to swop fossil base materials as much as possible with base materials from the present living nature. The latter line of thought has resulted in a complete assortment of paints under the Aquamaryn brand, based on renewable components. But it also resulted in ROYL BIO-OIL (previously Aquamarijn Corcol), since 1978, the first single-layer oil for parquetry and wooden surfaces, based on 100% vegetable oils, with excellent and long-lasting performance ever since.

SKYLT invisible parquet varnish
Some 15 years ago, RIGO Paint Factory developed their SKYLT technology, prompted by the wish to preserve the beauty of freshly sanded wood, but at the same time protecting it against outside influences.

SKYLT is an absolutely invisible water borne polyurethane floor varnish with the aspect of untreated wood.

In the meantime, millions of square meters of wooden floors have a SKYLT finish, and its aesthetics always keep amazing both the customer and the craftsmen who apply it.

ROYL OIL-2K Full charge within 24 hours
RIGO is convinced to offer the floor specialist something new in ROYL. ROYL oil products are made on a 100% natural base, which may be coloured to taste. Applying is easy: the entire floor can be oiled and buffed dry in one session, and be fully charged after 24 hours. Nothing will evaporate from the ROYL oil products: what you see is what you get!

Creative studio
Next to its technical laboratory, RIGO Paint Factory has a creative studio; to support the customer in search for their unique creative finishes on wood, walls and other interior applications. In the creative studio, combining technical ingenuity and infatuation creates unique aesthetical finishes. RIGO Paint Factory cordially invites architects and designers to visit the studio with all their challenges in interior finishing.