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The Rimex Metals Group has manufactured surface finishes on stainless steel since 1959 and has plants in the UK, USA, Germany, Australia and South Africa.

Rimex’s products are ideal for various applications within the engineering, machinery, refrigeration, elevator, transit and the architectural sectors.

Their finishes include patterned, textured and cold rolled finishes (also known as the rigidized finishes), such as 2WL, 5WL, 5-SM, 6WL, 6-OM, 7GM®, Linen, Squares, Treadtex® treadplate, ColourTex® & Titanium (T22) coloured stainless steel, vibration polishes, GRANEX™ bead blast finishes and etched finishes.

Rimex as a manufacturer can offer all these finishes under one corporate roof resulting in the highest level of production expertise, appropriate material management and quality control. Also, as they produce all of these finishes in house, each finish is not exclusive to each other and therefore can be combined to create your own unique product.

Good customer service and satisfaction is a priority and combined with an extensive and continued investment programme, the Rimex Metals Group intends to retain its position at the forefront of metal finishing technology.

With such a large selection of surface finishes, Rimex has established itself as the leader in the field of superior surface technology on metals and will help you find the right finish for your product and application.

The wide range of finishes, sheet thicknesses, grades and materials, coupled with the fact that Rimex can supply quantities from 3 square metres upwards, ensures that the Rimex range of products are relevant for a vast range of end use applications in both the public and private sectors.

Roba Metals BV represents Rimex Metals (UK) Ltd in the “Benelux” region (Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxemburg). Roba Metals BV based in IJsselstein, the Netherlands, stocks many of Rimex’s patterned and embossed finishes in stainless steel sheet and can offer all the finishes available from Rimex’s range to customers in their region.