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Rodruza’s Living Bricks bring every building to life. Aesthetic, stylish and premium quality: Rodruza facing bricks bring every building to life. Living bricks is Rodruza’s motto with good reason. Pure white and deep black facing bricks. Fresh grey variations, bold yellow tints or more classic colours. Smooth, textured or sintered. Hilversum size, Dutch size or BSS, handmade or moulded… No matter which colour, size or finish you choose, Rodruza’s ceramic facing bricks will let your design shine. Living bricks bring every building to life. Put the finishing touch to your design with the perfect choice of brickwork.

Rodruza’s motto is ‘Living bricks’, but ‘living’ applies to many other aspects of their work – because the products they make and supply are important, but so too are the people they make and supply them for. Ultimately, a brick is merely a means to make beautiful buildings even more beautiful, more alluring and more functional. The bricks enable architects to bring their ideas to life, help builders to deliver more appealing projects and allow users to enjoy buildings that combine aesthetics with functionality.