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By 2050, if we do nothing, there will be probably more plastic than fish in our oceans. It is already estimated that more than 7 billion tons of plastic is already present in nature.

However, recycling does exist… but it is often not recovered and the plastic is lost before it is even collected.

In 2017, SASMINIMUM decided to act by creating Le Pavé®, the company’s first SASMINIMUM project.

Architects by profession, SASMINIMUM sees huge potential in the construction industry. Not only because of its volume, but also because it appears as a sustainable recycling solution by allowing the plastic to be taken out of its short cycle of use.

The aim of Le Pavé®: Cleaning up the world of today… Building the world of tomorrow!

Today SASMINIMUM offers a safe, local, recycled and recyclable eco-design tool; a material in the form of panels, made from waste, easy to implement for the construction sector.

In order to achieve this objective, and thanks to SASMINIMUM’s team of passionate engineers, architects and actors; “les Minimums” have been working for several years on the development of a new patented industrial process.

This process allows SASMINIMUM to recycle almost all types of plastics, without any addition of resin or colorant. In order to offer a qualitative and safe material for users and our planet.

Le Pavé® know-how can be split into 3 main steps :

In order to guarantee the sanitary aspect of the waste SASMINIMUM uses and of the coatings, each raw waste deposit is meticulously tested in the laboratory.

Together with experts, SASMINIMUM has developed a unique thermo-compression process. This innovative system allows them to recycle and valorize 100% of waste without adding any resin.

SASMINIMUM’s team of architects and engineers assists their customers in developing innovative products that answer the new expectations and requirements of the construction sector.

Today, the company works with designers, architects, cooperatives, associations, schools… willing to adopt and promote more responsible practices to develop the next generation of sustainable products.

For each project SASMINIMUM works to give meaning and use to waste: a long term use thanks to the construction sector; by using plastic as a coating for construction. Meaning, by preserving the iconography associated with waste, by giving consumers the opportunity to get more value from the use of waste by creating beauty from this initially unexploited resource.