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The company specializes in transforming salmon skins, obtained from the food industry, into exquisite Salmon leather of exceptional quality. Through their strategic partnership with the esteemed Italian tannery, Caraval, renowned for its expertise in exotic materials, they guarantee unparalleled craftsmanship and limitless possibilities for customisation.

The Salmon leather is distinguished by its versatility, boasting features such as panels, printing capabilities, and laminating
options, catering to diverse business needs. What sets them apart is their commitment to sustainability. Searious Fish refrains from using harmful substances like chromium, pickle, gas, diesel, or bark in our production process, ensuring eco-friendliness. Moreover, they are proud to be wastewater-free, aligning with modern environmental standards.

The salmon skins utilized in our products are sourced from three- year-old farmed salmon, adhering to regulatory standards without the need for CETIS certification. Additionally, they hold various certifications, including GLOBALG.A.P. and ASC, underscoring their dedication to quality and compliance.

Feel free to reach out via email for detailed information. Please note that the minimum order quantity is 10 pieces, with an approximate delivery time of six weeks. Prices are available upon request and may vary based on the type, colour, or panel specifications.

Searious Fish looks forward to the opportunity of serving you and meeting your business requirements. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact them.