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Sileather is a pioneer in performance leather made of 100% silicone. With their innovative techniques, Sileather is able to redefine high performance fabrics through the best combination of leather textures and the superior advantages of silicone. From the beginning, they have strived to offer the world a better solution of eco-friendly, sustainable, easy to clean, weatherproof, and highly durable performance fabrics that can be applied in various applications, even in extreme environments.

Equipped with their own silicone factory and professional research team, Sileather is a full scale search and solutions company with the advantage of product development, quality control, testing, and production. They maintain high standards for themselves by being ISO 9000 compliant with their operations.

After years of intense trials and testing, the company proudly offers Sileather fabrics as the revolutionary faux leather for you to use in interior and exterior design, public transportation, outdoor furniture, healthcare and hospitality, marine, and water sports.