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Smartlouvre is based in Havant, Hampshire (UK). Come and visit them to see how their technicians weave metal wire and louvres to produce the unique MicroLouvre™ material, or simply get in touch to discuss your next project.

Their core business lies in the manufacture of a high-performance heat and glare reduction shading system that creates better working and living environments for people in commercial, public and residential buildings, whilst dramatically slashing both air-conditioning running costs and equipment cost.

At Smartlouvre, they are committed to providing truly sustainable and innovative solutions that reduce energy consumption, protect the well-being of occupants and maintain comfort levels.

Andrew Cooper, the Managing Director, first encountered what was then called Koolshade in 1976 and immediately recognised the product’s potential, but a UK distributorship was not available at that time.

In 1983 his family business was sold, and he was then offered a Koolshade Distributorship for the UK and the Middle East by the American owners.

He then started his own business, Koolshade UK Ltd, and they began fabricating the Koolshade screens. Even all those years ago, the Koolshade product was, if you’ll excuse the pun, light years ahead of its time.

In the early 2000s, an American who had been trying to continue the Koolshade business was in severe financial difficulties and on the verge of bankruptcy. Thus, Andrew decided to fund his company so that in 2003 and they were able to bring the priceless weaving machines back to the UK.

In 2014, he relocated the business, now called Smartlouvre Technology Ltd, with the Koolshade product, now named MicroLouvre, to their own dedicated factory.