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Søuld is a Danish material manufacturer committed to providing forward-thinking designers, builders and end-users with eco-friendly, recyclable and CO₂-storing building materials made from eelgrass.

Founded in 2010, Søuld’s mission is to produce functional, sustainable and beautiful alternatives to traditional building materials that can improve sustainable development in the construction industry, whilst also improving human health and well-being.

For over a decade Søuld has collaborated with ecologists, manufacturers and designers to develop acoustics from eelgrass—an abundant, renewable local sea plant with deep roots in Danish culture—to offer the industry a high performing alternative to synthetic options. Søuld’s work has led to the revitalization of the 400-year-old eelgrass tradition, to the protection of the eelgrass ecosystem and to the material’s optimization for sustainable 21st Century building.

Engineered for residential and commercial spaces, Søuld’s eelgrass products create calm and comfortable indoor atmospheres that connect with nature through organic, tactile surfaces and the subtle scent of the sea. Søuld’s products offer excellent acoustic, thermal and moisture regulating properties, are highly resistant to fire, contain no toxic chemicals, release extremely low emissions and reduce carbon footprint by serving as CO₂ storage.

Søuld is founded by architects and sustainable design engineers with a passion for quality, beauty and sustainability. The Søuld team constantly strives to push the limits of eelgrass processing, to enhance product quality and devise healthy and sustainable solutions that meet the needs of the industry and end-users.