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Studio Lisa Ortsen is a design studio for material and textile design.

The studio was founded by Lisa Ortsen, born (1991) in ‘s- Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. Lisa graduated in Material Design from the Academy of Visual Arts and Design, Maastricht.

Her great affinity with textiles and nature is reflected in all her designs. This can be seen in woven fabrics that are characterized by natural colours and structures.

During the creation process Lisa is constantly looking for stylish and practical solutions, aimed at environmentally conscious people, who treat the earth in a respectful manner. With each design she wants to show that you can also make beautiful products in a sustainable way.

She gets her inspiration from flowers, plants, vegetables and fruit. The unpredictability, playfulness and uniqueness of nature challenge her. Lisa’s work is driven by the desire to create and apply her ideas in both her own collections and commissioned work. Instead of consuming without thinking about the consequences, design can be used to make the earth and its inhabitants function better.

Each item is characterized by a clear, visual narrative with careful detailing. From start to finish, Lisa opts for an honest, sustainable process using high quality materials.