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Studio Sarmite

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Studio Sarmite is a natural materials design and research studio based in Frankfurt, Germany. Lead by Latvian designer Sarmite Polakova, the studio work focuses on transforming industry waste and various byproducts into new high-quality materials that can be brought back to the market. The designer believes that the term “waste” should be seen as a surplus rather than something negative and thus can be turned into a resource for creating something new.

Sarmite combines experimental research with the manipulation of existing designing methods, which leads to a design language tailored specifically for each material. Thus, the design objects become the main carriers of the narrative.

The designer also consults brands and companies to help them understand materials in a better way, find natural alternatives and together envision sustainable future scenarios.

Sarmite has participated in exhibitions, talks and fairs worldwide, such as Dutch Design Week, Milan Design Week, London Design Week, Shanghai Design week, Maison&Objet etc.