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Sustonable is bringing the sustainable revolution to every household by creating the first and truly sustainable engineered stone.

Founded in 2014, Sustonable is proud to say they are the first company specialised in the production of truly sustainable surfaces. Made with a unique combination of quartz and recycled PET plastic, they have evolved the traditional composite stone materials into a more conscious supply for your home and indoors.

Sustonable offers a more ecological surface that exceeds quality standards and supports customer affordability. They pursue a more sustainable world, so they consider customers should have access to honest products.

100% recyclable, free of hazardous chemicals, unlimited design options, and high tech qualities make Sustonable surfaces the best choice for creating authentic eco-conscious spaces.

Due to their rigorous manufacturing method, all of the slabs are carefully produced to maintain the same detail and quality. Hence, Sustonable is a very versatile product; it can be used for kitchen countertops, bathroom wall panels, vanity tops, backsplashes, worktops, tabletops, and bars. It perfectly fits any project which needs to be perdurable, resistant, elegant, and mindful about the environment.

But their main purpose is to contribute to a cleaner planet and defend our natural resources from exhaustion. Sustonable customers can feel proud of contributing to cleaning up our oceans of plastic waste, as they recycle 100 PET plastic bottles per m² of Sustonable surface created.