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The Good Plastic Company is an international manufacturer of recycled plastic panels that helps brands to make a visible commitment to sustainability. They produce Polygood panels made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic that can be used to create modern-looking and environmentally-conscious furniture and interior or exterior design elements.

The Good Plastic Company was founded in 2018. Since then, it has created over 500 projects for more than 250 clients, including global brands such as Nike, Adidas, IKEA, McDonald’s, Karl Lagerfeld, SAP, Coach, Marco Polo, and UNIQLO. The material is completely composed of polystyrene, derived from post-industrial and post-consumer waste. Waste streams vary, including sources such as electronics, cutlery, and packaging.

The Good Plastic Company focuses on the large-scale environmental impact by filling the gap between recycling and business.

The company offers a take-back and remanufacturing programme for leftovers of Polygood panels after fabrication. It also accepts disassembled parts made from Polygood at the end of their useful life to recycle and turn them back into beautiful material again.