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VanHier is a new biocircular and regenerative brand. With biocircular design VanHier contributes to climate- and nature restoration, they give value to organic residual flows and they want to change the disposable culture.

A shift is needed from a linear economy to a bio-circular economy in which ecological and social values are placed above financial value.

In addition, mass production has led to a disposal-culture. With appropriate and local production, this culture can be transformed into more conscious consumption.

VanHier gives value to local natural residual streams (biomass) and fast-growing crops. They convert this into sustainable biomaterials and products so they contribute to a better revenue model for farmers and nature conservation; farmers can more easily switch to regenerative agriculture.

The materials are produced locally, reducing the need for the construction industry to import materials from abroad and thus saving CO2 emissions.

VanHier developed a recipe and production method which transforms local, natural waste streams that are currently burned or composted into a thin and formable sheet material.

This material is called BioM and consists of 100% natural fibers and natural binders. This allows the material to be recycled well. The possibilities are endless, VanHier processes agricultural, horticultural and natural waste. They also use fast-growing crops and wet crops to capture and store CO2.

VanHier develops and makes biocircular design products by using ecological materials made from natural raw materials and natural fibers that are fully recyclable.