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VeroMetal produces metal coatings. These metal coatings are made of metal powder with an addition of a binder and a reactor. From their training and distribution centre in the Netherlands, VeroMetal supply customers and sales partners worldwide.

VeroMetal considers short lines of communication with the market highly important. They try to realise this by looking for local companies that know the market in their region and are thus able to translate the possibilities of VeroMetal into specific requests.

In a number of different countries, VeroMetal therefore operate as distributors. In addition to distribution, they educate and certify processors learning to work with VeroMetal.

VeroMetal is a product used widely in many different areas including:

-Interiors: Furniture, walls, floors
-Exteriors: Facades and fascias, ornaments
– Advertising
-Automobiles and motorcycles
-Anti-fouling for boats

Thanks to the innovative combination of metal particles with a binder, VeroMetal results are greater than the sum of their parts. There is a strong and durable metallic top layer, while the original design and all its details are retained by the coated object. VeroMetal® is all metal and thus very durable. It does not break nor peel off, remains tight to its applied surface and is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor applications.

To ensure the quality of the projects realized with VeroMetal, this company ensures training for their up-and-coming workers with small-scale, focused training, where experienced painters and workers learn the difference between ordinary coating processes and VeroMetal. Furthermore, they learn how how a desired look can be achieved from an object’s metal layer by means of patination, sanding and polishing.