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VeroMetal® cold-workable liquid metal
VeroMetal® is a cold-workable liquid metal that can be applied to practically any surface by spraying, rolling, pouring or with a palette knife or trowel. After application, VeroMetal® possesses all the optical and physical properties of the metal in question.

A unique final finish is achieved by sanding, polishing, patinating or oxidising the surface. Each object takes on a unique and characteristic metal look. VeroMetal® is made from real metal and can be applied both indoors and outdoors. It adheres well to practically all surfaces and does not crack or peel away.

The VeroMetal®  finishing coating made from real metal gives architects, interior designers, stylists and artists all the flexibility they require to produce truly pioneering designs.

Proven quality
Design freedom is not the only reason why leading architects and designers use VeroMetal®; long-standing experience and proven quality are further convincing arguments. The high-profile and special projects are the best proof of VeroMetal’s capabilities: a number of these projects are highlighted on the website. For example, VeroMetal® has been used in the Louvre Abu Dhabi, several luxurious retail chains, for various works of art and as eye-catching façade cladding.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable
Engineer a design with 90% less metal. Replace solid metal parts with a more environmentally  friendly solution. For example, choose a lightweight substrate material and coat it with a VeroMetal® metal finish of 120-150 microns. The project has the characteristics and appearance of real metal, but significantly fewer metal resources are consumed. In addition, the lighter construction provides a saving on energy because less weight is moved.

Authorised application specialists
Verometal’s ultimate goal is a fantastic final result for all projects where VeroMetal® is used. To achieve this, we collaborate with a carefully vetted network of authorised application specialists. VeroMetal® application specialists are well-trained and have extensive experience.

Please feel free to contact VeroMetal® for more information, they will be pleased to help,