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Wacotech GmbH & Co. KG and Wacosystems GmbH & Co. KG are two innovative engineering companies and manufacture translucent honeycomb and transparent insulation materials (TIM) at a joint location.

Wacosystems GmbH & Co. KG produces and distributes translucent design-panels and honeycomb-core materials under the brand names ViewPan, Kandela and WaveCore. The patented manufacturing process of their organic-looking honeycomb and their fabrication process in Germany guarantee a unique quality product.

A focus is placed on design-oriented applications for the honeycomb and particularly for the honeycomb panels ViewPan and Kandela. ViewPan is a translucent, bending-resistant and extremely light honeycomb panel with plastic surfaces made of acrylic (PMMA) or PET. This award-winning panel impresses with its optical effects. A wide variety of surface structures, colours, sizes and core-thicknesses make this product suitable for many applications. Typical applications are illuminated ceilings, exhibition booths, sliding doors, partition walls and translucent wall systems.

System solutions for the honeycomb panels have been developed. These include edge closing for the open honeycomb cell, furnishings, mounting elements and framing systems. The range includes product-specific accessories. The goal is to provide standardized systems to satisfy the needs of customers. One example is the partitioning system Kandela.

Kandela wall elements separate office and residence areas, they are sound shielding, decorative and due to their light transmission, they create a bright and open work environment.

The honeycomb core material WaveCore has a variety of technical applications in areas such as laminar airflow, lightweight / composite panels or paddings for water jet cutting.

Since 1997 the product range of transparent insulation materials is produced by the Wacotech GmbH & Co. KG and sold under the brand name TIMax. Transparent insulation (TIM) is mainly used as a light-scattering insert for U-profiled glass facades and as an insulation material in membrane roofs. Applications in the solar industry include transparent insulation for hot water solar storage collectors.