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At Waterweg they are developing water passing tiles made from dredged sediments. It is a circular and climate-adaptive product: the tiles are made from river sediment waste and provide a solution for flooding in cities.

Waterweg does not have a passion for dredged sediments, they have a passion for impact. The abundant waste stream dredge is their tool to make an impact. The current concrete production process uses environmentally damaging and increasingly scarce materials. With concrete from dredged sediments, Waterweg no longer has to use and transport scarce resources. Their production process requires very little energy, and they use a waste stream that no one wants to have.

Nowadays our cities are largely paved areas, they are ill-equipped to deal with the increased rainfall caused by climate change. Conventional pavement does not allow rainwater to seep into the ground, so heavy rains cause sewer systems to overflow and cities to flood. Waterweg’s water passing tiles are a local, sustainable solution for future-proof cities. We should all walk on the dredge from our local rivers!